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Over 25 years of experience

25 years ago, we began changing the underground landscape by bringing geo thermal heat energy to local businesses and homes. But thousands of installs left us scratching our heads for a solution to eliminate the pitfalls of geo installation. Reverse return, excessive joints, wasted pipe and wasted time plagues installers everywhere and on every job. Simple human error can create a major problem, especially if the problem manifests after the job is buried.
Enter an idea. An idea that works!
The Geo-Solar Header.

After studying every possible configuration with our flow engineer, we created a new axisymmetric manifold that replaces the conventional ground loop manifold usually pieced together by installers on site. The Geo-Solar Header is one piece, out of the box. Your job – to hook it up to your loop – and since each loop branches from one common source, there is no need for the conventional reverse return methodology when fusing the system together. Affluent loop lines are connected to one branch, effluent lines to the other, no specific order required. Use your traditional fusion tool and faces.

How does it work?

After trying various throat angles, we were able to adjust the curvature of the parabola along with the angle of incidence. This ultimate design maximizes flow and reduces resistance while improving structural integrity, with 59% fewer joints than conventional systems.The Geo-Solar Header improves loop performance through balancing, making your geo system the most efficient on the block.

North American Made

North American made, the Geo-Solar Header has a limited lifetime warranty. The substrate plastic has a 100-year lifespan. Multiple configurations and multi-header coupling systems are available for any sized project.

The Geo-Solar Header is priced right and ready out of the box, making your life easier.

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Advantage Geo Solar Header!

  • No more reverse return issues
  • Maximizes balanced flow
  • Minimizes joints
  • Easier on site installation
  • Reduces human error
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • North American made
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Multi-header coupling system for larger projects
  • 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-zone Headers are available